Happiness Then Success

Which Came First Happiness Or SuccessHow Achieving Happiness First Can Bring About the Success You DesireAccording to research and science, our present day thoughts regarding happiness and success are backwards. Today’s nonstop, multi-tasking, go-go lifestyle lead many

How To Find The Right Counselor

How To find the Right Counselor For youWhat to expect at your first appointment.​Are you considering seeking therapy? Have you been searching for counselors in your area that might be able to help you? If so, you

Couples Counseling Can Help Your Relationship

Couples TherapyCan help your relationship​Can marriage counseling help you and your partner reconnect? Every relationship you encounter in life will require work, and the relationship with your partner or spouse isn’t any different. Joining

Postpartum Depression And How Talk Therapy Can Help

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION And How Talk Therapy Can Help​Throughout our life, most of us will see and hear beautiful stories of childbirth. In today’s world of social media, a picture of a perfectly posed baby alongside a glowing mother often accompanies these stories. What we don’t hear about as often, unfortunately, is the fact that some

Beyond Inclusion Beyond Empowerment


Ottawa Couple and Family Institute


Northwest Vipassana Center

NorthWEST VIPASSANA CENTERhttp://www.kunja.dhamma.org/​

How To Be An Adult In Relationships

How To Be an Adult In RelationshipsThe Five Keys to Mindful LovingDavid Richo

Hold Me Tight

HOLD ME TIGHTSeven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. Dr. Sue Johnson

Betwixt & Between

BETWIXT & BETWEENPatterns of Masculine and Feminine Initiation. Louise Carus Mahdi, Steven Foster & Meredith Little