5 Signs Your
Romantic Spark
Has Faded

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For Introverted Women

These 5 signs will put the spark and intimacy and communication back in your romantic relationship, which will give you relief from heartache.

  • Find your voice and express your feelings and needs
  • Speak your truth with confidence
  • Set boundaries that your partner respects
  • Become more compassionate
  • Feel more loved and understood
  • Wake up feeling like it’s a fresh new day full of possibilities
  • Feel connected with your partner, friends and family
  • Enjoy quality time with your partner/friends
  • Smile and laugh more easily
Local Therapist, Jolene On Couch, Attractive Female Therapist

I'm passionate about working with powerful introverted women. There's nothing better than having the skills to proactively make your life better... You know, the life you have always wanted.

I help introverted female executives and professionals who feel lonely and neglected to put the spark, intimacy and communication back into their romantic relationships.

Get the most from your relationships. Empower yourself, while having fun, sharing and hearing from others all the while learning how to have more fulfilling relationships. The next online course includes weekly check-ins with Jolene and a small group of introverted female professionals.

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