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5 Ways to Accelerate PERSONAL GROWTH

Personal growth is a vital component to living a life you love. Growing relationally, emotionally, and spiritually is just as important for adults as growing physically is for children; personal growth doesn’t stop at 18, but rather is just beginning. While many people may desire to see personal growth in their lives, most do not know how to begin or continue their journey of growing as a person.

Here are 5 ways to accelerate personal growth. While there is no one way to instantly get to where you want to be in life, honing these skills is an important step toward flourishing both as a person and in life:

Be an avid learner. Through constantly learning, we open our minds up to new possibilities, perspectives, skills and understanding that we didn’t possess before. Learning something new does not require going back to college or beginning a new field of study. Reading regularly, attending a seminar, taking a local specialized class like gourmet cooking or painting, or even studying up on a skill online can broaden your horizons and open doors that were previously closed. Personal growth can be achieved through consistent learning- about yourself, others, and the world around you.

Explore your creativity. Some people consider themselves naturally creative and some people don’t, but everyone has the capacity to create something new. Being creative can bring both calm and growth to your life. It forces you to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them. There is no right way to be creative- all that is needed is an original idea. Painting, writing, making music, photography, sculpting or even decorating can be great outlets to foster your creative side. Exploring your creativity could even make you more confident and self-aware, two valuable traits in life.

Volunteer. Helping others through volunteer work can encourage gratitude, show new perspectives, and give you a new outlook on life. Making a difference in the life of someone else can have a lasting impact on your own. According to Harvard Medical School, giving of your time to help others is not only good for those you’re helping, it could have benefits for you as well, including reducing stress, fighting off loneliness and depression, and reducing blood pressure. It’s very simple- you grow as a person when you volunteer.

Focus on your health. Taking care of yourself is a great way to accelerate personal growth. When you are well rested, fueling your body with healthy food and exercising regularly, your body has all it needs to function at its best, which benefits every aspect of your life. Making your physical and mental health a priority is vital to personal growth and achieving your goals.

Manage your time. Time management may seem like an odd tool to include in this personal growth toolbox, but it is the one area of life where we all are equal. Every person on earth has the same 10,080 minutes per week to spend however they see fit.  All of the suggestions to help accelerate growth in your life take time. Managing your time well also helps you prioritize the things you are spending time doing that are either aiding in your personal growth or deterring it. There are lots of apps and tips available to help track the use of your time, which can increase efficiency and effectiveness in your day. Good time management is a life skill that will accelerate personal growth and positively contribute to every aspect of your life.

Everyone looking to grow as a person can benefit from learning, creating, volunteering, getting healthy, and using his or her time wisely. With these tips, you’ll realize the personal growth you are looking for is within reach!

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