Group Therapy Retreat Relationships

Where: Dancing Cedars Retreat Center in the Raven Room

When: Saturday, October 20th, 11am-4pm

Cost: $115

A day long retreat to create space for yourself, reflect on your relationships, both current and past, and tend to wounds with love and connection. Through a day of self inquiry and reflection, healing can happen.

Are you finding yourself stumbling as you navigate through relationships, worrying about how to move forward? Are your relationships stagnant or ever-changing? Do you need some healing? Are you working to achieve wholeness?

If these questions speak to you, this day retreat will guide you in renewing connections and self awareness. During our time together, you will interact with other compassionate and engaged humans, share experiences about connection and communication, follow along with guided visualization, and spend time in self-reflection. We will revisit basic communication skills, breaking old patterns and affecting real change through self knowledge.

When you leave this retreat you will find yourself more able to communicate your needs and desires authentically and speak your truth.

Jolene Stokesberry MA, LMHC will be your guide, creating a meaningful experience for you and enhancing your benefits.

Are you ready and willing to expand your relationship experiences?

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