Women's Relationship Group

Women's Relationship Group


Contact me for more information on accommodating your group. Groups as small as 3 people can be scheduled.

Relationship group therapy focused on creating and keeping healthy boundaries. Ideal for women who find themselves over-extended or taking care of others needs before their own. Providing a supportive setting to reassess and cultivate your values and boundaries, this group will give you the power and tools to sculpt your own life.

Where: East Olympia Healing Arts 120 pear St. NE, Olympia 98506 at Light Mind Counseling
When:  Six Thursdays 5:30PM - 7:00PM
Cost:  Six sessions offered at $340 

Get the most from your relationships. Empower yourself, while having fun, sharing and hearing from others all the while learning how to have more fulfilling relationships.

Email Jolene for more information

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